Escape Rooms

Ready to get locked in a room with no way out and only 60 minutes to live? Experience the thrill of the game, beat the code, find the clues and get free before your time is up. Do you think you have what it takes to outsmart our escape rooms?

The Terminal

Light comes at you fast...

The Terminal

The Morgue

Did you hear something?

The Morgue

The Gate

The curse is real...

The Gate

What's next?

A new creation is coming soon...

What's next?

The Terminal

You are a maintenance crew called to save the New York City subway underground. A power blackout in the city has ensued chaos on the subway lines all over Manhattan.

A runaway subway train is careening at full speed towards the Brooklyn Terminal. Your objective is to restore power to the terminal and stop the train from derailing.

You have one hour before the train reaches the curve and only the remote shut off button can stop it.

Can you pull it together and save everyone on the train?

Good luck!

…Welcome to… “The Terminal”.

The Morgue

Foul play has been suspected in an old, abandoned morgue.

Locals in the area have been reporting screams coming from deep inside the morgue.

You are investigators called in to examine these screams and figure out what is going on inside these walls.

However, your discovery will not be enough. You must collect any evidence of foul play within one hour or suffer the same fate of the very screams you are investigating…


Note: This experience is not suitable for young children

The Gate

During an excavation project, a mysterious door to an Egyptian tomb has been unearthed.

You have learned that the door that has been discovered is a gateway to a curse that will unleash darkness upon the world.

A top-secret military department has now constructed a device around the gate to protect the world from the powers that lie beyond its threshold. With every minute that passes by, the device grows weaker as the curse becomes stronger.

Now you must crack the code, enter the tomb, and finally put the curse to rest.

The Apothecary

Winter, 1936. The small colonial community of Leonardtown, Maryland. The weather is rather harsh this season, and a strange sickness is running rampant throughout the town. The local apothecary, Doctor Herman VanDersoot, has never been busier. Unable to transport his patients to the distant city hospital due to the constant snowfall, he may be the only hope for the residents. Some, however, are beginning to form suspicions about VanDersoot.

No one really knows much about him. He moved to the edge of town and setup shop a few years ago. He lives alone and mostly keeps to himself when he is not working. He doesn’t seem particularly dangerous, but there’s something about his grim smile. Nevertheless, he’s the only apothecary for miles around and people patronize his shop out of necessity. The recent breakout of illnesses are specifically alarming though. Despite being treated by VanDersoot, no one is getting any better… in fact, they are getting worse; some have displayed extremely odd behavior, and some have even died! Could he be behind this?

As a resident of this town, you and a few others have decided to take matters into your own hands and poke around his shop one night. You’re fully aware that he keeps strange hours, and could potentially return at any point, but it’s worth the risk if you can uncover any kind of malpractice on his part. Make quick work of inspecting the small shop and see if you can find any evidence that could point this outbreak back to VanDersoot. Your efforts could save the whole town. But don’t get caught. Who knows what kind of horrors you may face!

The District's escape rooms are great for...

Gamers & Geek Gods

Ditch the game controls and jump into the screen. Experience the thrill of the escape in the "real." Break out your best escape artist techniques and solve the puzzles before your 60 minutes are up.

Family & Friends

Time to put everyone to the test and show off your best skills, can you break the code and solve the puzzles? Whether you’re planning your annual family gathering or rallying up your friends for a fun time, we’ve got an Escape Room to make your night unforgettable. Private event rooms and catering available for groups.

Team building

Forget golfing and painting parties and provide a thrilling new experience for your next team building event. Perfect for employees and companies, you can pair up any Escape Room with a private event room and catering that meets your needs.

Waivers are required for all participants.  Under 18 requires parental signature.  Under 16 requires an accompanying adult.